YCA connects underrepresented young talent
to real world work and support networks that increase inclusion in the creative economy.


Creative career paths are largely inaccessible to marginalized young people.

  • The arts are historically underfunded in public schools; higher education spaces predominantly emphasize theory over professional preparation while creating debt that students with less generational wealth will ultimately need to earn their way out of.

  • Unpaid internships, the most common and powerful catalyst for creative career success, are not sustainable for most young people.

  • The creative industries, which have vastly more and growing pathways to careers than sports, for example, are commonly de-emphasized as a worthwhile pursuit.


Creative industry teams have looked the same for a long, long time. Smart ones know it’s time to start doing things differently.

  • Graphic design was 93% white in 1991. It’s 73% white today.

  • Art and design are in-demand skills: Facebook, Google, Amazon grew art+design headcount by 65% in 2017.

  • Companies that are committed to diversity and inclusion exponentially outperform their competitors.


We can disrupt the broken system that has created barriers to access in the first place.

  • When we connect creative youth to meaningful work opportunities + support networks, we expand their tool set and capacity to thrive

  • Through training, supported real-world work experience, and connections to industry leaders, the barriers to access can come down.